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Updated: Aug 25, 2020


We’ve officially been open for a week, and what a week it has been!

As our opening day rolled around, we were nervous and excited to finally be able to open our doors to clients, show off our shiny new facility but most importantly to help everyone to reach their personal goals in CrossFit.

Did we ease ourselves in? Of course we didn’t! Bright (well, actually, it was still dark) and early at 6:00 am on Tuesday 7th January, the very first official CrossFit Buntingford group workout kicked off our inaugural week that saw 14 new members join us.

Early morning sessions and evening sessions have both been very popular, with some coming to open gym too. We’ve already been receiving more enquiries about memberships, so it looks like classes are going to be filled quickly in the future!

Regardless of ability and experience, each person tackled their session with enthusiasm, which makes our job as coaches even more enjoyable. Every member worked on some key movements including Back Squat and Strict Press – some learning them for the very first time and others developing their lifts further. It’s exciting to watch people grow and hone their technique and fitness.

The variety of workouts on offer allowed different people to shine at different movements and learn from others in areas where they can improve, which was testament to the camaraderie and spirit of CrossFit.

Our Team Workout on Saturday 11th was perhaps the highlight of the week. Initially everyone in the class was a stranger to one another, having maybe only met at a previous session. But the workout consisted of a 10,000m row, which would have to be reached as a combined effort. Everyone pulled together and reached the target, showing how our community spirit at CrossFit Buntingford has already grown massively in just a week!

Whilst we all have individual paths and goals, we work on them together and support each other – we aim to develop this sense of community that is at the heart of CrossFit. A strong community encourages everyone to succeed and have fun developing their overall health, not just physical fitness.

“This community has got off to a superb start!” said Mick, “Strangers can come together to support each other and achieve great things. Crossfit is as much about its community as it is about exercise and this community has got off to a superb start. We can’t wait to see what people can achieve”.

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