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About our Gym

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

When we began in January 2020 our members were introduced to us via free taster sessions delivered before we opened. Then Covid 19 came and we had to close 17th March 2020.

We are blessed that so many supported us through that terrible year when businesses were closed during the pandemic.

Fast forward to today and we cannot be more grateful to our wonderful community for not only  supporting us but achieving so much on their CrossFit journey, despite the difficulties caused by Covid 19.

Our members still astound us with their progress. Head Coach, Mick Nolan (crossFitL2, CrossFit Olympic Lifting L1 and PT Level 3) is constantly working hard to make people Get Fit, Get Healthy and Be Happy. In fact, it’s his life’s work. With a background coaching sports for over 35 years, Mick brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from many other sports, such as Football, Karate and Athletics. Becoming Head Coach at CrossFit Buntingford is his dream job.

Meet The Team

Our Qualifications


At CrossFit Buntingford we pride ourselves on up-to-date qualifications and strive to continually develop our skills. As well as professional CrossFit certification, all instructors hold First Aid qualifications.



Mick is CF Level 2 and CF Olympic level 1, he has 40+ years of experience in sports coaching across several different sports (Karate, Football and Athletics). He is continually learning and updating his skill set and has a passion for bringing CrossFit to Buntingford in the hope of improving lives across the area.


Jack is CrossFit level 1 qualified and is a CrossFit nut! Jack is the most enthusiastic person at the box and his passion for CrossFit is infectious. Always researching and generous with his knowledge, Jack coaches with a smile on his face, making it a fun Box.


Sarah (Strength and Conditioning PT Level4) brings a raft of experience to our Box and is constantly updating and upskilling her credentials. In addition to classes she also helps with CrossFit Kids and our recent delivery into Schools of the “Strong Girls Squad!” Sarah is passionate about empowering girls to do more. Sarah's recent upskilling qualified her in coaching people with Mental Health issues.


A full time PE teacher with a degree in Sports coaching from Brighton University. She holds a level1 CrossFit Cert as well as CrossFit Kids Cert. Hannah is a born teacher and puts her passion into our CrossFit Kids classes. Hannah is also the driving force for “Strong Girls Squad” where she goes into schools with Sarah to deliver FREE sessions. Strong Girls Squad aims to empower as many girls as possible and show them how to lift effectively so that they can enter gyms with confidence without being intimidated and learn that there are other ways to keep fit if you are not into the mainstream sports at school.


Ben is an enthusiastic weightlifter and runs ad hoc weightlifting classes. With a CrossFit level 1, Ben has also started his British Weightlifting qualification journey. Ben is your man if you need extra help on the lifts.


Katie is a fully licensed sport massage therapist who also does medical and holistic massage. Katie is enthusiastic about helping athletes and active people feel their best. Her individual sessions are there to help ease discomfort, improves flexibility, achieve goals, relax and feel better. Whether you are recovering from an injury, or simply want to maintain your health. To book a session with Katie click here

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