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Why sign up for a free CrossFit session at CrossFit Buntingford?

• Try something new: Maybe you have been going to the gym for a while and starting to lack motivation or maybe you haven't been to the gym before but 2024 is your year to kickstart your fitness journey.
• Constantly varied workouts: Say goodbye to boring gym routines! Our CrossFit workouts are constantly varied, combining elements of weightlifting, cardiovascular exercise, and gymnastics to keep your body and mind engaged.
• Meet the coaches: Our coaches are not only there to coach you through the workout, but to also make sure you are fully supported throughout your fitness journey with us. We can discuss your goals and options to ensure you are ticking those boxes with our support.
• Join a supportive community: We are confident that as soon as you enter our gym you will feel welcomed and supported by our community who are all on their own personal fitness journey, just like you.

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