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CrossFit Kids

On Sunday 17th October we proudly launched CrossFit Kids Pilot Scheme! If you would like your child to be guided on the worlds best platform for health and performance, look no further.

Children are expertly guided into new movements in a fun environment by the excellent Hannah Nolan BSC Hons Sports Coaching 2:1 PGCE in Physical Education.

Throughout the course, participants learn how to pair fitness with fun, which is essential to setting a child on the path toward a lifetime of fitness. Affiliate owners, teachers, coaches, and parents all benefit from learning this unique, kid-friendly approach to teaching CrossFit.

Together they have fun whilst learning the fundamentals of good physical movements. Classes are limited to 10 participants so hurry to book a free taster session. Classes are age related and the following times are available.

  • 08.30 to 09.10 Age 5 to 8 yrs

  • 09.20 to 10.00 Age 9 to 11 yrs

  • 10.10 to 10.50 Age 12 plus

To book your Free taster session call 07912 653164

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