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The Three Cs: Continuing CrossFit during Corona

A Quarterly Update from CrossFit Buntingford

What a strange time to be writing to you all; we’ve certainly had quite the few months to kick off 2020!

Our last update came off of the back of our opening week, riding high on excitement we were still finding our feet and getting used to how new everything was – new gym, new jobs but most importantly, new people.

Since then, we have (both literally and figuratively) gone from strength to strength. Each member who started out with us in January has shown significant improvement across the board, working on developing their movements both technically and adding weight. Those that joined as novices now have built a strong base of knowledge and ability, whilst experienced CrossFitters have continued to push their boundaries and help teach others.

What started as a collection of strangers has quickly blossomed into a group of like-minded individuals who band together at every session to form a true CrossFit community. Not only is this motivational for everyone taking part, it makes us want to come in to work with members for every session and makes for a rewarding role day-in, day-out.

Since January, where we naturally had an influx of members, CrossFit Buntingford’s membership has steadily grown, adding at least one new member per week. The growth of our client-base has been extremely rewarding both as a fitness community and as a locally owned and operated Buntingford business. As the man himself, Mick, says: “I’m really enjoying it, we’ve been getting new members every week and we’re all excited to see how far we can take it!”

However, even this success couldn’t prevent the inevitable wrath of the current global health pandemic from affecting us. We had remained open for anyone who wished to come in and get a workout in: we believe that exercise remains as important as ever to public health. But, we have since followed government guidelines to hit pause on CrossFit Buntingford and temporarily close our doors for the health of everybody involved and beyond. Given our limited space and sharing of weights and equipment, it makes no sense to risk it.

But, fear not! CrossFit in its essence does not have to be put on hold. In response to these government measures, we have specifically designed a Home WOD Programme that you can do yourself. Each of our programmes and workouts can be done individually at home with little or no specialist equipment. You can fit this in whenever you want, or you can even tune in to our Zoom to follow along with our classes live alongside other members of CrossFit Buntingford.

For now though, we’d all like to wish you a safe and healthy period, whether you’re working from home and especially if you’re out and about performing essential work – stay well! Hopefully we will all reconvene in the near future at The Box and mull over some self-distancing stories after crushing the WOD together!

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