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Supporting our members endeavors!

The CrossFit ethos encourages athletes to take on and seek new challenges. We encourage and assist our athletes to explore a variety of sports as a vehicle to express and apply their fitness.

Four such members embraced this when they competed in the London Marathon 2024, raising money for three different charities along the way. Sarcoma, Parkinson's Uk and Withyou.

On Sunday 23rd April our community came together to support 4 of our members who took part in the London Marathon .



The event itself was the climax of months of training in all weathers.



Following a plan designed by #SarahLidsmithPT, Jamie Armstrong flew round the course successfully completing his first London marathon in an impressive 3hrs 35.



Having recently suffered a broken ankle Sarah stubbornly insisted on running with Jodie and Paul Stephens, whom she had also been coaching and the three of them crossed the finish line in true CrossFit Buntingford style , holding hands!



Kevin, Ben , James , Danny & Hayleigh were all there supporting and many more of us supported them online with tracking apps. the community chat on WhatsApp was buzzing all day!



The four of them are now looking forward to getting back to some CrossFit Wods !

Well done all four of you! Huge respect form the CrossFit Buntingford community, we all truly admire what you've done.

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